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segunda-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2015

End of the Year Videos

For those of you who want more information about each one of the Living Stones programs and outreaches, here is the place for you:
Year in Review for Cajueiro Claro:
Year in Review for Lagoa de Itaenga:
Year in Review for Guadalajara:

Year in Review for Mussurepe:

Year in Review for the Trash dump community:

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Merry Christmas from Living Stones!

In 2015, Living Stones enabled local leaders to LEND to the kids in their communities. We shared love through special events like Carnaval church camp (10 kids received scholarships to go), Easter (the International school joined to bless 7 communities and 180 children), Mother and Father’s day, and Children’s day (a big thing in Brazil). Our full-time programs in Cajueiro Claro and Lagoa de Itaenga were able to regularly provide education and nutrition to 60 children. Both also began computer classes for the kids, expanding their future opportunities. We are so excited for our sister churches (Shelbyville Community church with Cajueiro, and Brandywine Community church with Lagoa) and partners: Lagoa is joining with World Help child sponsorships to reach out to even more children next year.
Living Stones outreaches and prayer partnerships included Mussurepe (teaching English in the local school), the Trash dump community (assisting local youth called Massa Humana), and Guadalajara, which has grown to serving 60-100 kids through sports! As always, we share direction with the children: Jesus Christ, who is the Way. For 2016, Cajueiro will focus on educational classes and Lagoa will double their program. We are looking for sister churches and partners who will help us start our next full-time program! For more information, go to and (the Living Stones Coordinators).

2015 Yearly Report

Project: Cajueiro Claro. Regular attendance of 30 kids, with around 50 for special events. About 250 meals served a month.
Project: Lagoa de Itaenga. Regular attendance of 30 kids, and 400 snack meals served a month.
Outreach: Guadalajara. Regularly meeting three mornings and afternoons a week, with events on most Saturdays, Lane and Misse run this sports ministry with no financial help from anyone. They have 60 regular kids, with up to 100 for special events.
Outreach: Mussurepe. Vovo Bel has her farm open to reach out to the community, having once a month church, and weekly prayer meetings for the woman. Caid and Rachel taught English at the local school for a semester, and then at the farm for a semester, reaching around 30 kids. Vovo always serves snack meals as well (over 100 a month)
Other: Soup meals distributed at Cajueiro, Mussurepe, Trash dump, Belem, Paudalho, Acacias outreach (Nova Esperanca), Santo Antonio in January: 1,100, and then the soup ministry was closed. The Trash Dump community was served by Massa Humana, with Caid and Rachel helping bi-monthly, serving about 40 kids. The Belem kids (about 20) were brought to special events through the year, like Easter, VBS, and Children’s day.The Acacias Outreach (Nova Esperanca) had special events like Easter and Children’s day in the community, reaching out to around 40 kids.

TOTAL IMPACT in Numbers:

Meals served
Snack meals

Soup meals

Children in the programs
Children heard the gospel at special events
$25,732 (not December)

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This Christmas, Instead of wondering what to buy this holiday season, give the gift of kindness and generosity, donating $10 to Living Stones, providing a Christmas present and (helping fund a) party for the neediest children in Northeast Brazil: 
At the same time, decorate your own tree with a special ornament or gift tags from Living Stones:
With some great help from Craig Olson, we are also excited about our 2016 calendars! Here is a sneak preview:

 Write to for your ornament, gift tags, and calendars!

Trek 2016

Mark your calendars now: the Trek for Transportation 2016 (a 4k run/walk in solidarity with our Brazilian brothers and sisters to raise funds to reach the children with the greatest needs) will be on May 14th, 2016 at 11am. We are trying a couple of new things, so take note:
1. The Trek is in May, instead of June.
2. The Trek is at 11am instead of 10am, so plan to stay for a picnic lunch. We will provide hot dogs and marshmallows (bring your own healthy food).
3. The registration fee is $30 per family--so please bring yours. Southeastway park is kid, pet, and wheel friendly, so feel free to bring any and all of those things.
4. As always, all the forms and information can be found at
5. We want your fellowship! Please come! But if you can't, please donate online and help us reach our goal of $5,000.

sábado, 24 de outubro de 2015

Thanksgiving Feast

The holidays are just around the corner, and pumpkin spice is filling up the air! At Living Stones, we like to take some time around Thanksgiving to remember the children who do not know what it is like to open the refrigerator and eat whenever or whatever they'd like.
This Thanksgiving season, would you be willing to give up a meal to join in prayer for our Living Stones children? For the price of a value meal (around $5), we can provide five hot meals for them. Join our $5 for 5 program.

Making Children's Day Happen

October 12 is Children's Day in Brazil, but most of the poorest children are often overlooked. Living Stones was so excited to partner with the International School kids, who made sure to share the joy of fun, games, and of course, presents. Here was at Cajueiro Claro:
And Lagoa de Itaenga: 

Many other people contributed to share God's love in Northeast Brazil. Click the highlighted place to see more about other celebrations in Cajueiro Claro, Lagoa de Itaenga, Guadalajara, and the Trash Dump Community. 

sábado, 26 de setembro de 2015

World Help Partnership

Living Stones is pleased to announce that we are partnering with World Help to provide some child sponsorships; creating more impact and opportunity for children in Northeast Brazil. 
We will be starting small, and the process is long, but it is exciting to see how God is opening doors. As you know, we have not done child sponsorships in the past, due to our focus on church planting and lack of staff. We have always encouraged people to invest in children through a local church community that was already passionate about making a lasting change. That has not changed. 
World Help is about partnership, not ownership. They come to assist what God is already doing in communities and local churches that just need some financial help and encouragement to keep going—and to grow. As we met with Kraig Cole, the director for child sponsorships, we were excited to see how World Help and Living Stones shared the same values and goals. Our partnership will not limit or change how Living Stones is working—it just adds to our team. 
We will make sure to keep you updated on what God is doing through World Help in the future (probably starting middle of 2016), as the beginning phase is mostly just paperwork. For those of you who are currently partnering with us in prayer and financial giving—please don’t stop! Your involvement is what enables us to function. World Help will not be taking over any of our programs—only enabling us to reach out in new ways. 
Thank you for joining us in welcoming World Help to our Living Stones team!

domingo, 23 de agosto de 2015

100 Birthdays

Our "10 for Them" program has been on hold for awhile, since the Fergusons were busy having a baby, but now it is back in full swing. In the past we celebrated individual birthdays--and this worked well in areas where the children lived close, and when we only had about 60 kids. But now we have 200-250 children to celebrate!
We now celebrate once a month with each group of Living Stones children (between 2-7 kids at each party): Cajueiro Claro, Lagoa de Itaenga, Mussurepe, Guadalajara, and the Trash dump community--having cake, birthday cards, and of course, pictures in the Birthday hat:

We have been working on gathering all the pictures and birthday dates of the kids (a BIG job, since many of them do not know when their birthday is), and will be putting together an updated Birthday/prayer calendar for 2016!
Instead of presents for my (Rachel Ferguson) birthday this year, I am asking for birthday parties for the Living Stones kids--I want to celebrate 100 Birthdays! It only costs $10 for one of these group birthday parties at 10 for Them

quinta-feira, 30 de julho de 2015

Father's Day in Brazil

In Brazil, Father's Day is the second Sunday in August. This August 9th, Living Stones children will be inviting their fathers to a special celebration at church. It is common, especially in rural Brazil, to see a church full of women and children--the only man there being the pastor.

Living Stones focuses on working with children, and has already had a special Mother's Day celebration, but now we are looking to the men. These families--these communities need the male leadership for lasting change.

Funds given to Living Stones goes to basic costs unless otherwise specified. Help us with the cost of food and party supplies for our Day for Dad (look under Brazil outreach projects). This year, with the US dollar being high, we only need about $100.

quinta-feira, 23 de julho de 2015

Mid Year Update on Living Stones

Video updates instead of newsletters this summer! If you ever want more information about Living Stones, specifically or generally, make sure to write to Here is the update on Caid and Rachel Ferguson:

terça-feira, 30 de junho de 2015

Announcing Ana Sofia Carol Ferguson

For those who enjoy the video blogs: 

For those who enjoy reading blogs
Caid and Rachel thank you all for your love, care, and prayers as we begin life with 
this new "Living Stone." Let the adventures continue! 

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Thank you to our Trekkers!

Thank you to all those who participated and/or gave to our 6th annual Trek for Transportation! We appreciate you!
Caid and Rachel Ferguson put together a short video blog thank you:

sábado, 16 de maio de 2015

Thinking about an Upgrade?

Caid has had his Iphone 4S for almost 3 years now. We were told that Sprint Iphones could not be unlocked or used Internationally, and if we wanted to sell it back, it was worth $20. Then a friend told us that a law had recently passed that after two years, phone companies were obligated to unlock your phone (if you ask) since you had essentially (over) paid for the phone. We called up Sprint once more and were transferred to their international department, since we let them know we were moving to Brazil. In 20 minutes the phone was unlocked and has been an amazing asset to our ministry here in Brazil (and my first smartphone).

Having a camera/recorder has enabled us to make vlogs (video blogs) and updates quickly on Facebook and Youtube. Having Whatsapp has enabled us to be part of ministry groups, knowing who is sick, who to pray for, and what ministry opportunities come up last minute (it is also much cheaper than texting in Brazil, and very widely used!). We now have Skype and Facetime to talk to family abroad, and have never been so connected.

That said, if you have a nice smartphone (Iphone, Samsung, or LG work in Brazil), but are thinking of upgrading--here is a great idea: unlock your old phone and give it (and a sturdy case please--life is tough on phones here!) to Steve Turner to bring to Brazil for one of the pastors/ministry workers. Getting a decent phone with a camera and communication apps into the hands of these dedicated workers can enable them to send updates and document their work much easier. Thank you technology!

terça-feira, 12 de maio de 2015

June 13th is our Trek for Transportation

We are getting excited about our 6th annual Trek for Transportation 4k run/walk! We hope you will come out to Southeastway park at 10am on June 13th, 2015 to help us reach the rural areas of Northeast Brazil. All of the information you need is at

Just in case you missed it, here is a new video explaining what Living Stones is to those who are new, and here is a video about our recent Mother's day celebrations.

sábado, 18 de abril de 2015

Preparing for Mother's Day

May is just around the corner, and we are excited about the different outreaches to our very important Mothers of Living Stones children. Join with us to celebrate them:
You can donate here.

Generosity from the International School

The International School of Carpina is a wonderful, top quality, bilingual school that serves as a ministry and outreach in the community. Many of the future leaders of Northeast Brazil attend this school. They recently had a campaign to bring in chocolate eggs to be given to the Living Stones children--and even the leadership was overwhelmed at the great response of the children--180 eggs! Not only were we excited to receive so many eggs, but we are blessed by what God is doing and moving in these children's lives.
The egg campaign began slowly, but one of the quieter students, Lucas, brought in ten eggs one day. The other kids saw, and were inspired to bring in more themselves. Seventeen of the children from the International school were able to serve at the Easter party in Cajueiro Claro, seeing for themselves the fruit of generosity, and what it means to help those less fortunate than themselves.
Thank you to the children from the USA who also gave to make sure these celebrations happened!
*Note: the painted rocks in the video are the "eggs" that we hid for the Easter Egg hunt!

Soup Ministry Closed

It is with a heavy heart that we share that the soup ministry has been closed. Due to financial difficulty, the local restaurant, who has been giving soup daily for four years now, has had to stop.
Serving over 1000 meals a month in 8 communities, this was a meaningful and vital ministry, especially in rural areas. Please pray for other options and solutions to be found for those still ministering in these communities. We thank the Lord for the four years this ministry was able to serve! 

quarta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2015

Preparing for Easter

Every year we have a special celebration for Easter, sharing the true reason for the holiday. Please partner with us to provide these children with something they will never forget. All the information is here

quarta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2015

Needed for This Weekend

While most of us are getting ready for Valentine's day, things look a little different in Brazil. 
This weekend begins Brazilian Carnaval: and like most parties, you get what you pay for. 
Most of the churches plan their summer beach camp during this week, to get away from the violence and drinking that accompanies Carnaval. 

For the children of Living Stones Cajueiro Claro, this is their one option away from the Carnaval parties, which often exploit poor children. Unfortunately, they do not have the ability to pay for food, gas, and help in renting a beach house. Most of the families, even those better off, have not received their paychecks from December and January, due to corruption in the local government. 
Here are some of the children hoping for your help/scholarships to go to Carnaval Camp this weekend: please, if you feel led to give any amount, please do so now so we can let them know they can go. 
So far, no scholarships have come in. 

Donate HERE

sábado, 24 de janeiro de 2015

Goals and Dreams for 2015

This is the first year we not only have a good rollover to begin the year, but also have two programs fully supported (Cajueiro Claro and Lagoa)! Caid and Rachel Ferguson will also be serving in Brazil, hoping to build up the programs in Mussurepe and Guadalajara. For your prayers:

For our different locations:

  • Cajueiro Claro is supported monthly for food, salary, and transportation. We dream for a Music/computer teacher ($200 monthly), and uniforms ($150). 
  • Lagoa de Itaenga is supported monthly for food, salary, and supplies. We dream for a printer ($200). 
  • Mussurepe is beginning public school ministry. We dream to be a full program and receive monthly funding. 
  • Guadalajara is building up/training youth leaders and getting the church leadership more involved. We dream to be a full program and receive monthly funding. 
  • Belem is a weekly outreach. We dream for the ministry to be taken over by local leadership. 
  • The trash dump has prayer support for local leadership. We dream to have training for local leadership.
  • Lastly, we dream for other churches/church plants to expand their outreaches through Living Stones (training and resources) . 

For our Yearly Celebrations:

  • January/February: Carnaval Camp ($100 a family, up to 10 families)
  • March/April: Easter ($100 per program up to 5)
  • May: Mother’s day ($100 per program, up to 5)
  • June/July: Trek for Transportation:
  • August: Father’s day ($100 per program, up to 5) 
  • September/October: Children’s day ($100 per program, up to 5)
  • November/December: Christmas ($100 per program, up to 5) 

For things we always need:

  • LOVE: provide a birthday party (
  • EDUCATION: Help us educate to eradicate poverty ( 
  • NUTRITION: For $1 you can provide a meal (
  • DIRECTION: sponsor a child, plant a church, change a community (

Impact 2015: Timbauba

For the past couple of years, during summer break (early January), people (and many youth) from all of the Community Churches have gathered together for a time of training and then on-site application of Christian love, outreach, and evangelism. This year, their mission (IMPACT) was the town of Timbauba.
Whoever could camped out in tents or on the church floor in Timbauba, and during the days they would visit homes, do sports ministries, and serve. In the evenings, they set up street meetings, with mime, singing, and preaching the Gospel.
It was a lot of fun, a lot of work, and a lot of people. Seventy-seven people in Timbauba made decisions for Christ through this IMPACT. 
Thank you to all who served! This is such an important ministry not simply for Timbauba, but for the Community Churches, as they connect, get experience, and form lasting friendships with their sister churches. Praise the Lord for this unity! 

Brazilian Carnaval

The weekend of February 13, 2015 will begin Brazilian Carnaval this year. (To read more, go here)

Many of the churches are planning their summer beach camp "get-away," and we want to enable some of the Living Stones children, and their families to participate. A vacation is not someone struggling with poverty can afford: for around $100, you could send a whole family to Carnaval Camp, where they can enjoy themselves and grow, while being surrounded by godly influences and families who care about them. Join with us here.