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domingo, 23 de agosto de 2015

100 Birthdays

Our "10 for Them" program has been on hold for awhile, since the Fergusons were busy having a baby, but now it is back in full swing. In the past we celebrated individual birthdays--and this worked well in areas where the children lived close, and when we only had about 60 kids. But now we have 200-250 children to celebrate!
We now celebrate once a month with each group of Living Stones children (between 2-7 kids at each party): Cajueiro Claro, Lagoa de Itaenga, Mussurepe, Guadalajara, and the Trash dump community--having cake, birthday cards, and of course, pictures in the Birthday hat:

We have been working on gathering all the pictures and birthday dates of the kids (a BIG job, since many of them do not know when their birthday is), and will be putting together an updated Birthday/prayer calendar for 2016!
Instead of presents for my (Rachel Ferguson) birthday this year, I am asking for birthday parties for the Living Stones kids--I want to celebrate 100 Birthdays! It only costs $10 for one of these group birthday parties at 10 for Them