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domingo, 13 de outubro de 2013

Children's Day 2013

In Brazil, October 12 (Children's Day) is a huge holiday. Stores market for months, capitalizing on this extra day to sell toys. And the children in poverty? They watch everyone else celebrate one more holiday without them.

Living Stones recognizes the importance of celebration, and making sure that each child feels special, wanted, and a part of something bigger than themselves. We also know the value of education, and have worked hard to focus on literacy, giving books instead of just toys.
This year, each one of the Living Stones programs were able to have celebrations for the children in their community.
In Lagoa, over 50 children had a great time, teaming up with Athletes in Action:
In Guadalajara, over 80 kids had special competitions and Disney fun:
In Cajueiro Claro, over 50 children received books after a special trip to the bookstore:
In Mussurepe, around 100 children received books at our literacy celebration with the International School:
At the Trash Dump, over 150 kids had an amazing day and received special presents of books and toys:
All together, Children's Day 2013 has seen well over 400 children celebrating, that wouldn't normally be included. Over 300 of those children received at least one book and tutoring time--a big thanks to Lifepoint kids from the USA for their literacy giving! Thank you to all our partners, in Brazil and in the USA for making a difference!