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sábado, 24 de janeiro de 2015

Goals and Dreams for 2015

This is the first year we not only have a good rollover to begin the year, but also have two programs fully supported (Cajueiro Claro and Lagoa)! Caid and Rachel Ferguson will also be serving in Brazil, hoping to build up the programs in Mussurepe and Guadalajara. For your prayers:

For our different locations:

  • Cajueiro Claro is supported monthly for food, salary, and transportation. We dream for a Music/computer teacher ($200 monthly), and uniforms ($150). 
  • Lagoa de Itaenga is supported monthly for food, salary, and supplies. We dream for a printer ($200). 
  • Mussurepe is beginning public school ministry. We dream to be a full program and receive monthly funding. 
  • Guadalajara is building up/training youth leaders and getting the church leadership more involved. We dream to be a full program and receive monthly funding. 
  • Belem is a weekly outreach. We dream for the ministry to be taken over by local leadership. 
  • The trash dump has prayer support for local leadership. We dream to have training for local leadership.
  • Lastly, we dream for other churches/church plants to expand their outreaches through Living Stones (training and resources) . 

For our Yearly Celebrations:

  • January/February: Carnaval Camp ($100 a family, up to 10 families)
  • March/April: Easter ($100 per program up to 5)
  • May: Mother’s day ($100 per program, up to 5)
  • June/July: Trek for Transportation:
  • August: Father’s day ($100 per program, up to 5) 
  • September/October: Children’s day ($100 per program, up to 5)
  • November/December: Christmas ($100 per program, up to 5) 

For things we always need:

  • LOVE: provide a birthday party (
  • EDUCATION: Help us educate to eradicate poverty ( 
  • NUTRITION: For $1 you can provide a meal (
  • DIRECTION: sponsor a child, plant a church, change a community (

Impact 2015: Timbauba

For the past couple of years, during summer break (early January), people (and many youth) from all of the Community Churches have gathered together for a time of training and then on-site application of Christian love, outreach, and evangelism. This year, their mission (IMPACT) was the town of Timbauba.
Whoever could camped out in tents or on the church floor in Timbauba, and during the days they would visit homes, do sports ministries, and serve. In the evenings, they set up street meetings, with mime, singing, and preaching the Gospel.
It was a lot of fun, a lot of work, and a lot of people. Seventy-seven people in Timbauba made decisions for Christ through this IMPACT. 
Thank you to all who served! This is such an important ministry not simply for Timbauba, but for the Community Churches, as they connect, get experience, and form lasting friendships with their sister churches. Praise the Lord for this unity! 

Brazilian Carnaval

The weekend of February 13, 2015 will begin Brazilian Carnaval this year. (To read more, go here)

Many of the churches are planning their summer beach camp "get-away," and we want to enable some of the Living Stones children, and their families to participate. A vacation is not someone struggling with poverty can afford: for around $100, you could send a whole family to Carnaval Camp, where they can enjoy themselves and grow, while being surrounded by godly influences and families who care about them. Join with us here.