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segunda-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2014

What a Year: 2014

Take some time to watch this video and see what God has been doing this year through Living Stones.

Over 12,000 meals served through the Soup ministry in Belem, the Trash Dump, Mussurepe, Cajueiro, Paudalho, Acacias minisry, and Santo Antonio.

Over 4,000 meals were served at the Living Stones programs in Cajueiro Claro and Mussurepe.

Around 35 children are in our full-time program at Cajueiro Claro, 70 more in outreaches in Mussurepe, Lagoa, Belem, and 90 more in partnerships at Guadalajara and the Trash Dump.

Over 300 children heard the gospel through Living Stones in 2014, in living and active ways such as sports programs, music/drama outreaches, church events, birthday parties, and special celebrations.

Thank you for your generous giving of over $15,000 this year (not including December). We cannot continue without you.

Five Perfect Presents

1.      Become a Foundation Builder: It starts with a dollar a day. Support a child, build a church, and change a community.
2.      Buy a present for a child in Brazil by giving $10 for Them: For the cost of a gift card, a birthday or holiday present can be purchased and given to a child who would normally not receive one.
3.      Feed 5 children with $5 for 5: By giving five dollars (a fast food value meal) to Living Stones, you are providing a hot lunch for five children who lack basic nutrition, security, and care.
4.      Know how to Pray by signing up for Living Stones monthly e-newsletters at Sign other people up for our monthly e-newsletters as well.
5.      Become a Representative for Living Stones:  this is a gift to others, since for every person who needs to receive, there is a person who needs to give. By connecting others to what is happening in Brazil and how they can become involved, you are giving them a chance to do something real and lasting. Write to receive your packet of information today:

quinta-feira, 13 de novembro de 2014

Our Soup Ministry and Providing Meals: $5 for 5

This Thanksgiving season, let's make sure everyone gets enough to eat. 

The soup ministry, run through a local restaurant in Brazil, is serving 1,500 meals a month in communities all around. Every day, they make two huge pots of soup (each having at least 25 good-sized meals), and Pastor Flavio has organized many volunteers to take it, pass it out, and share Jesus in needy places:
Monday: Paudalho church and Belem Living Stones Outreach
Tuesday: Mussurepe Living Stones Outreach and a group that serves another part of Paudalho
Wednesday: Cajueiro Claro Living Stones and Paudalho church
Thursday: Acacias church outreach and Santo Antonio church
Friday: Cajueiro Claro Living Stones and Mussurepe Living Stones Outreach
Saturday: Trash dump ministry with a local Baptist church
Sunday: Evangelistic ministry through a different Baptist church
The need for consistent food is especially great in the rural areas of Cajueiro Claro and Mussurepe. Receiving soup twice a week helps their families make ends meet, but does not mean they will always have food. It costs Living Stones about $1 to provide a child with a hot meal in a hard-to-reach rural area. Are you willing to give up a value meal to enable 5 children to be fed today?  Give here

Baby in Brazil

Caid and Rachel Ferguson are happy to announce that we are expecting a baby June 17, 2015. With Caid finishing his bachelor’s degree spring 2015, we have decided to begin our ministry together in Brazil, and welcome our new baby into our lives there. 
Rachel has been serving as a missionary in Brazil since 2004, and been the coordinator of Living Stones since 2009. Caid has joined the ministry full force, serving in Brazil in 2013, marrying Rachel, and now leading our family in future ministry. 

Our needs are in two phases:
Phase 1 is raising $10,000 for airfare, birthing expenses, and basic relocation costs. We are also asking for a small group of faithful monthly supporters, who feel called to minister with us. We need $1,000 a month for basic living costs.

Phase 2 is when we return fall 2015 with specific and concrete plans, welcome you to meet our child, and raise the funds for a vehicle. Thank you for your care and interest on the adventure that God has called us on!

If you would like to join our support team, you can give online at Caid and Rachel Ferguson
Or mail a check to made out to World Renewal
address: World Renewal , P.O. Box 399, Greenfield, IN 46140 (Enclose a note/memo on the check with our names on it)

segunda-feira, 27 de outubro de 2014

Incredible Trip

Caid and Rachel Ferguson, joined with Rachel's brother John, enjoyed being in Brazil from October 9-18. During that time, they met with all the Living Stones programs (John took pictures) and leaders, discussing the past, present, and future. They were also able to meet with the board of directors and receive guidance on things to come.
On October 19, they were joined with the group from Shelbyville Community Church 
We visited a different Living Stones each day, praying for the community, and having a Children's Day party where we passed out Bibles. Craig Olson is an amazing photographer, who has captured the magic: 

domingo, 5 de outubro de 2014

Trip to Brazil

Caid and Rachel Ferguson, Coordinators for Living Stones, are headed to Brazil from October 8-25. Please keep them in your prayers as they meet with people and plan, dream, and love on all the kids. But they are not going alone. Each of the seven people going on the trip with them has prayerfully considered why they are going, and what God may have for them. Please take some time to pray for them, and hear their stories (John is traveling with Caid and Rachel, the rest of the team is coming on the 18th)
John Winzeler(Rachel's brother)
Craig's Story (Leadership at Shelbyville Community Church)
Taylor's Story (Craig's wife)
Susan's story
Larry's Story (Susan's husband)
Tom's story
Mark Farnsley

terça-feira, 23 de setembro de 2014

Foundation Builders

This month we are taking some time to highlight a specific aspect of Living Stones:

One time gifts help us with specific projects, but it is the faithful monthly givers ($30 or more) that allow us to consistently provide over 1,500 meals a month and disciple around 200 children weekly. We are so grateful to these families and individuals for being our Foundation Builders:
The Nolens
The Warrens
The Flinks
The Weilands
The Lindmans
The Barwinskis
The Leonards
Ms. Powers
The Wrights
The Zaletas
The Millers 

Without these people, many of whom have been faithful givers for years, we would not be able to continue. Through them, and generous one time gifts, we have our $1,000 monthly budget. But we are currently working to support six different ministries, each of which, even part-time, need $500 to function properly.

Our monthly $1000 is being stretched to support three programs, and the other three are either on hold from lack of funds (Lagoa de Itaenga), or supported/running through other ministries (Guadalajara, through Glory Sports/Athletes in Action, and the trash dump, through volunteers from Firm Promise Baptist church).

In October we will be setting our yearly budget, and are hoping to be able to provide more for our brothers and sisters in Brazil--but we cannot without more Foundation Builders.

30 people giving $30 monthly can double our monthly budget and provide for us to support our current programs better.  60 people giving can allow us to fully support our current programs. 90 people giving $30 monthly can allow us to grow and begin new Living Stones programs in communities that desperately need it. 

Since the beginning of Living Stones, it has been individuals who have made Living Stones happen. But it has always been our dream that churches in the USA would come alongside churches in Brazil and "adopt" them--forming reciprocal relationships that benefit both communities and create lasting change.

Brandywine Community Church has been the first to do this, adopting Lagoa de Itaenga. Shelbyville Community church is sending a vision team next month to be able to pray for and adopt a sister church as well.

Compassion International and World Vision work wonders in the lives of children. But imagine your church adopting a church, reaching out through the children, and changing the entire community. Imagine sending missions groups to them, and them sending missions groups to you. Imagine the children in your church growing up knowing the children of their church in Brazil--and what an impact those long term relationships will make.

Please consider becoming a Foundation Builder. And please pray about asking your church to partner with a church in Brazil through Living Stones.

terça-feira, 19 de agosto de 2014

Mid-year Report

So far in 2014, over 10,000 meals have been served, and over 200 children have been impacted on a weekly basis.

We had a wonderful year in 2013, with 17,000 meals served, 280 children regularly enrolled in the program, 250 birthday parties, 300 in the literacy program, 600 hearing the gospel, and a vehicle purchased for Living Stones. 

2014 started differently, with Caid and Rachel Ferguson in the USA instead of serving on the field. Pastor Flavio Travassos has continued running Cajueiro Claro ( and Mussurepe (, and opened another Living Stones program in Belem ( Pastor Ricardo has had to limit the program in Lagoa de Itaenga (, due to lack of funds and workers. Those working at the trash dump ( have moved, but the ministry continues with new volunteers from Firm Promise Baptist church. The ministry at Guadalajara ( has changed leadership, but others from Athletes in Action are stepping in and doing a wonderful job. 

The Living Stones programs have done well, with special events such as Carnaval camp (Youtube: “Carnaval and Children in need”) , Easter celebration (Youtube: “Easter Celebration Rachel Ferguson”) Mother’s day celebration (Youtube: “Moments for moms Rachel Ferguson”), and World Cup Evangelism outreaches. 

We are thrilled to see different US churches come alongside and support their brothers and sisters in Brazil. Some of those who have blessed us with support include: Brandywine Community church adopting Lagoa de Itaenga, Lifepoint helping with the Literacy program (  , Brookville Road Community church assisting with the Birthday party program (, Greenwood Community church supporting Caid and Rachel Ferguson, and Shelbyville Community church sending a vision team to Brazil to further support Living Stones. Special thanks to Morning Star Friends church for all they did this summer (, and for everyone who helped us raise over $3,000 for our transportation expenses ( 

A List of Needs

Most of the time giving money is the most convenient and helpful, since mailing supplies to Brazil is a hassle. But as we are getting ready for a mission's trip in October, we are filling up our suitcases with lots of goodies for the kids. Please pray about contributing some of the following needed items:

For the mission's trip:

1. Fifteen durable plastic table clothes (colorful party kind)
2. Individually wrapped candy for 400 kids 
3. Gift/goody bags for the kids to take home candy, prizes, craft, and Bible
4. Carnival style games to play at each Living Stones (6 programs) 
5. Prizes for games (small fun things: Hot wheels style cars, kites, small “build it” kits for boys, Hair supplies, nail polish, drawing supplies for girls—think dollar store items)
6. Craft things to do for 400 kids 

Bring to leave for Living Stones
1. Shin guards and socks for playing soccer
2. Soccer balls and basketballs
3. Pregnancy clothes for Mercia (she is about 5 foot 4)
4. Baby clothes for baby Travassos (don’t know if it is a girl or boy yet)
5. Milky way candy bars for Flavio
6. Games (that don’t require a lot of English: Uno, cards, connect 4, memory, dominos)
7. Zip lock baggies of all sizes, gift bags for presents 
8. Small lotion/perfume bottles: gifts for mothers
9. MP3 players (that plug into speakers) and Speakers (powerful, to have/teach music to a classroom, use in mime ministry) 110/220v
10. “Scripture Pictures” 52 visually interactive Bible stories for kids
11. Hot wheels style cars, kites, small “build it” kits for boys
12. Hair supplies, nail polish, drawing supplies for girls 
13. “Where’s Waldo” or “I Spy” types of books, storybooks with lot of pictures and few words

We can also use donations to buy food for the parties in Brazil, books in Portuguese, and other supplies that are cheaper to get in Brazil. 

segunda-feira, 21 de julho de 2014

Morning Star Friends Mission Trip

We are so excited to have Cassie Hlebovy back in Brazil and working with Living Stones! You can read her blog here. She has returned with a missions trip group from her church, Morning Star. They have been busy blessing others through many talents, like cupcakes, visiting Belem, visiting Mussurepe, Basketball in Guadalajara, and VBS in Cajueiro Claro.
They are also helping at the International school with construction projects and English camp! A big thank you to them, and to everyone who gives/invests in these mission trips!

sábado, 7 de junho de 2014

Our Fourth Trek for Transportation

It was a beautiful day at Southeastway park, as 25 people walked so that some amazing children and workers in Brazil could ride.
Walking or running their way over four kilometers, they raised $3,100
Completing in 13 minutes, Stephan Morris won first place, with John Winzeler (21 minutes) in second place, and Jason (23 minutes) in third.
Special thanks to Gary Wright, World Renewal President, for praying and sharing what God is doing. Thank you to everyone who came, and to those who supported them. 
Since we received the Kombi last July, ministry for Living Stones has been able to multiply, delivering soup to over 50 people every day, bringing families to church, and getting worker into those hard to reach rural areas. Fueling and maintaining this Kombi is 35% of our monthly budget--and this Trek makes sure that we can make it! 

quarta-feira, 14 de maio de 2014

Trek for Transportation is coming!

Mark your calendars for June 7th, 2014. At the beautiful Southeastway park (5624 S Carroll Rd, New Palestine, IN 46163) at 10:00am, we will have our annual 4k run/walk to raise funds to maintain the Kombi that we purchased for Living Stones last year. 
Information and forms are all located at the Trek website. You can donate online if you cannot attend yourself. Our goal is to raise $5,000 this year! 

Meet Caid and Rachel Ferguson

Rachel has been coordinator of Living Stones since 2009, and Caid joined her in 2013. Together they serve to connect Brazilian leaders with resources and American churches with opportunities to get involved. They run the blog, sent out e-newsletters, various paperwork, and visit churches/individuals interested. When they finish training, they are praying about where to go full-time. Please write us if you are interested in hearing more about Living Stones (

terça-feira, 29 de abril de 2014

Celebrating 20 Years

On May 1st, Alcance Brazil celebrated 20 years of ministry and partnership with World Renewal International. Many of the original people who helped begin the ministry flew down to join in the celebration. Jeff and Lindsay Turner also returned after their time in the States.
Here is the post from the celebration:
Here is a short video and history of the 20 years:

Moments for Moms: Preparing for Mother's Day

Let’s invest in those who have spent their lives investing. Help Living Stones celebrate these women who give so much every day. Your donation will enable the local churches to have a special Mothers tea:

terça-feira, 1 de abril de 2014

April: a Month of Living Stones

For the month of April, Living Stones will be the ministry highlighted by World Renewal International. For those who didn't know, Living Stones works directly under their respective churches to reach out to their communities--but the organization as a whole is under the direction of World Renewal Brazil, led by Tele Moraes. World Renewal Brazil is part of World Renewal International, who has chosen this month to update and inform all of their supporters about Living Stones.
How exciting! We hope you follow us on Facebook, and if you want to join in on the sharing about Living Stones, please contact us.
Also, if you would like to meet/greet Tele Moraes:

sábado, 8 de março de 2014

Easter Preparation

Easter is coming quickly, and we want to make sure that each of the Living Stones programs can have a celebration for the children in their community. We need your help to be able to do this.
All of the information to get involved is here: Kits for Kids
Also, if your church or small group is open to it, Caid and I can come share about this opportunity to share the Gospel and about Living Stones, or prepare you for a simple way to raise awareness about Living Stones Easter celebrations through passing out Easter eggs. for more information.

quarta-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2014


Who doesn’t like a good party? Brazilian Carnaval is the biggest party in the world. It is foundational to the culture, and every Brazilian is affected by it. There is much laughter, much fun, and much exploitation.
Northeastern Brazilian Carnaval is made up of “Blocos,” groups of people who parade down the city streets. There is a lot of music, a lot of drinking, and a lot of sexuality. For some, this is fun. Some of the Blocos are “clean,” with a focus on children or even a church group that wants to reach out to their community. It can be a time of coming together and enjoying time off: no one knows how to relax or celebrate like a Brazilian.
But is Carnaval just for the rich? You get what you pay for. Those who cannot pay are catering to those who can—sometimes in dangerous ways. Carnaval in Brazil is the highest rate of tourism, prostitution, and alcohol consumption (and the resulting violence)  for the whole year. And what about the children?
The poorer children in Brazil cannot afford a colorful costume. They are not carefully monitored by their parents to have a safe time. Parents are often working or drinking during Carnaval, making them mostly on their own. Many sell candy or beer during Carnaval. Some wander around, looking for fun. Some are exploited, or put into dangerous situations.
Most Brazilians are careful about Carnaval, and monitor it to their taste: some getting away to a quite beach, some going in safe groups, some in careful participation. But most of those in poverty do not have that priviledge.
Help us give the children another option: many of the churches in Brazil are planning Carnaval camps. Please consider donating to Living Stones to help with costs for these children to attend the Carnaval church camp in safe beach locations, where they can enjoy themselves and grow, while being surrounded by godly influences and families who care about them.

domingo, 19 de janeiro de 2014

Needs and Dreams for 2014

Current monthly giving: around $700 a month
Basic needs to continue: $2000 a month
Fully supporting each Living Stones: $6000 a month

Dreams to accomplish all of our goals: $7000 a month

Each dollar counts, but what we desperately need is faithful giving by people who understand that the children need to be provided for all year, not just Christmas ( A monthly gift of any amount helps us be consistent supporters of our brothers and sisters in Brazil.

12 Need and Dreams for 12 Months

1.       Cajueiro Claro’s basic budget needs to be raised from $750 to $1000 a month (400 food, 250 transportation, 200 salary for cook, 150 general supplies)
Dreams:  a computer lab/program for the kids: $750, and a cafeteria area for Living Stones/the church: $1500
2.       Mussurepe’s basic budget needs to be raised from $250 to $1000 a month (400 food, 250 transportation, 200 salary for cook, 150 general supplies)
Dream: Two classrooms for teaching: $750
3.       Belem, a new ministry with Pastor Flavio in Paudalho needs $500 for start-up costs and $500 monthly (300 food, 200 salary for cook)
Dream: Gravata needs between $200-500 monthly (250 transportation, 150 general supplies, 100 food)
4.       Easter, Mother’s day we want to make sure each Living Stones program is able to share and open up for a celebration with the community on these important days. ( and $500 for Easter, and $500 for Mother’s Day
5.       Guadalajara needs more church volunteers to help out and assist, and Luizinho, who leads the sports ministry, needs $150 more a month in personal support
Dream: Guadalajara is not receiving any funds from Living Stones at this time, we would like to begin supporting them up to $1000 a month
6.       Kombi—needs 5 new tires: $150 each, $750 for all. We will be having the Trek for Transportation June 7 to raise money for maintenance and gas (
7.        VBS in USA churches to raise funds for children in Brazil
8.       Lagoa is not receiving any funds from Living Stones at this time, we would like to begin supporting them up to $1000 a month. They are also in great need of workers/volunteers.
9.       The Trash dump is still in upheaval as they work towards relocation, which (by law) is to be completed in 2014. We want to continue working with them through and after the transition.
Dream: The Trash dump is not receiving any funds from Living Stones at this time, we would like to begin supporting them up to $1000 a month.
10.   Children’s day Literacy celebration in October ( $1000
a.       Rachel and Caid Ferguson having a Living Stones Conference to unite, update, and provide resources.
b.      Shelbyville’s short term missions trip and Children’s day celebrations, providing books/toys/Bibles for the children
11.   Thanksgiving: making sure the children are receiving food on a regular basis, and spending a time of prayer and fasting in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Christ (
12.   Christmas we want to make sure each Living Stones program is able to share and open up for a celebration with the community ( $500 for Christmas
Dream: Someone to be raised up to do home visitations/Birthday parties for Living Stones

Jim Winzeler in Brazil

(Note from Rachel, Living Stones coordinator and daughter of Jim:)
I've been asking my father to write down his experience in Brazil with Living Stones. He has been dragging his feet about this, which surprised me, because of the obvious impact that it made in his life. After going to Cajueiro Claro, he and Pastor Flavio came up to me with big hugs and tears.
"Rachel," He told me, "All your writing and pictures didn't even explain 20% of how it really is. I've been hearing about this for nine years, and now I finally get it."
Even though my father was only in Brazil for 8 days, and most of that consumed with wedding preparations, it meant so much to him and the children (who had been looking forward to meeting "Rachel's dad" for months). I will not be able to explain to you how much it meant to me. Yes, short-term mission trips are expensive. And if you want to explain your way into not going, you will find a way. But some trips are just made to be.
From Jim: Someone asked me what they would pray for me while I was in Brazil. I didn’t know what to say. I hadn’t been accustomed to praying/being close to God for quite some time. “I want to be able to fit in,” was my reply.
Little did I know, but God would answer that prayer in more ways than one.
I had no clue what to expect in Brazil. My main concern was just getting there safely—I just knew the plane would crash: how could God have any other thing planned for me, considering the way I had withdrawn from Him the past several years? Besides, maybe it was the easiest way out—I wouldn’t have to be around and depend upon other people.The last thing I wanted was any new or different situation. Going to Brazil would make me face my depression and despondent way of existing.  
God had prepared a place for me to “fit into” in Brazil, where he would draw me out of my self-imposed exile. From the welcome reception at the airport and the wonderful sight-seeing tour of one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen (Olinda), to the International school, where I would call home for the next 8 days, God began his work of restoring His life in me.

God used this trip in several ways. First, He re-opened my spiritual eyes, ears, and heart to Him. I cannot begin to list all the ways He revealed Himself to me during this trip. Suffice it to say that He started to draw me back to Himself, and that is continuing on to this time.
Second, the wedding of Caid and Rachel. All the preparations, all the places to go, all the people to meet who were and are a part of Rachel’s life and now Caid’s, and the privilege of being a part of the wedding itself.

Thirdly, being able to go to two of the communities where Living Stones ministries meet. It cannot be put into writing the dichotomy of the beauty of Brazil’s scenery as the backdrop to the places where spiritual needs were being met. The three hours of interaction that were being given to these children on a regular basis results in hope for the children—physically, mentally, and spiritually, these children were being touched by the people who had been called by God to provide for them.
And therein I have the answer to why it’s taken me this long to write this down—I found that I was in the same place as these children at Living Stones—needing to hear that God is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.
The Living Stones ministry is about providing a place where children who are born into a place on earth where (as the human eye can see) there is no hope of a productive life, can be shown the true meaning of a life of abundant living, of eternal life, of living the life Jesus created for them.
Isn’t that why I was there? To rediscover the meaning of life, to discover again the life of Christ? Isn’t that the ministry that we all need to be involved in? To receive from Him and then to give to others that which we’ve received? It’s just so much easier to see in Brazil. The contrast of not having, versus the “having” in the USA. But each one is in the same position, we both are spiritually in need, which can only be met by someone sending and someone going.
May each one of us have our “Brazil” to awaken us to our total need to the Lord Jesus and then to go and tell others of the One who is their Creator and through whom they can discover the meaning of life.