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sábado, 26 de setembro de 2015

World Help Partnership

Living Stones is pleased to announce that we are partnering with World Help to provide some child sponsorships; creating more impact and opportunity for children in Northeast Brazil. 
We will be starting small, and the process is long, but it is exciting to see how God is opening doors. As you know, we have not done child sponsorships in the past, due to our focus on church planting and lack of staff. We have always encouraged people to invest in children through a local church community that was already passionate about making a lasting change. That has not changed. 
World Help is about partnership, not ownership. They come to assist what God is already doing in communities and local churches that just need some financial help and encouragement to keep going—and to grow. As we met with Kraig Cole, the director for child sponsorships, we were excited to see how World Help and Living Stones shared the same values and goals. Our partnership will not limit or change how Living Stones is working—it just adds to our team. 
We will make sure to keep you updated on what God is doing through World Help in the future (probably starting middle of 2016), as the beginning phase is mostly just paperwork. For those of you who are currently partnering with us in prayer and financial giving—please don’t stop! Your involvement is what enables us to function. World Help will not be taking over any of our programs—only enabling us to reach out in new ways. 
Thank you for joining us in welcoming World Help to our Living Stones team!