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segunda-feira, 28 de novembro de 2011

$10 for Them

Instead of wondering what to buy this holiday season, give the gift of kindness and generosity, donating $10 for them.

For the price of a gift card, a birthday or holiday present can be purchased and given to a child within the Living Stones Project who normally receives nothing. Living stones, working with needy children in Northeast Brazil, works to celebrate these special ones who are so close to the heart of Jesus.

Most of these children do not know when their birthday is, being told and treated like they are something less than everyone else. Help us break this cycle and show them love with a special gift for them. This also opens the door so that we can share Jesus with them.

Donate $10 in the name of a loved one and receive a special certificate to print off and give to them, letting them know that they made a difference in someone's life. It is the perfect Christmas present for someone who already has everything!

Live and in Person

I (Rachel) am going to be in the USA from December 15-January 24th.

Living Stones in Cajueiro Claro is strong, but Living Stones Paudalho is reopening in February, and we need help to be able to have the funds to open and sustain the program. When working with those in need, consistency is number one, and we need to be able to be there for them when they need it.

If you would be interested in hearing about Living Stones and stories about the children, contact me at to set up a meeting. If you know of any churches, sunday school or Bible study groups, children's ministries, or just about anyone else who is interested, please let me know. I need some people who would be willing to open their home and invite friends over to hear about Living Stones.

I can't get the word out by myself. It starts with a dollar a day. 60 people giving $30 a month will enable us to reopen Paudalho Living Stones in February. Please help me find these 60 people.

Thank you for your prayers for this time--I know they are there, and I treasure them.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thank you so much to everyone who gave so generously to $5 for 5. We will have another event in the future, but know that you can give $5 at anytime--the site ( will continue to be available.

It was amazing to see the generosity of the children and families from the International school, giving over $100r and enough food for the rest of the year!

terça-feira, 15 de novembro de 2011

$5 for 5

"I am so hungry I can't focus!"
Isn’t it nice to know that all you need to do is find time to get to the refrigerator or fast food restaurant? So many children do not have that opportunity, feeling hunger every day. Are you willing to join us, praying and empathizing with them for one meal? Over 41% (IFAD, Rural Poverty Portal, Brazil Statistics, 2009) of rural Brazil is in deep poverty, living on less than $2.50 a day.

Join with us on November 19th, 2011,

as we enter into the Thanksgiving spirit by identifying with those who do not have much. By choosing to skip one meal, and giving five dollars (a fast food value meal) to Living Stones kids, you are providing a hot lunch for five children who lack basic nutrition, security, and care.

Donate at 

sábado, 12 de novembro de 2011

An Invitation

My cousin Lillian came to see me (Rachel) in Brazil. It is my pride and joy to show people around Living Stones, and after giving out countless invitations, I was so excited to see someone respond—for it is quite a long commute!
(With Mariana's mother)

Lillian packed two very large suitcases, as well as two full carry-ons full of presents and supplies for the children at Living Stones (and for me—smile). She also prepared a week full of sharing and Bible studies, and taught the kids while I translated. Lillian also brought some presents for the mothers of the children, and we were able to visit their homes.
(With Diego's mother)

Each one of the families were open, and some even invited Lillian to come sit in their small, sparse homes. They were quick to get their picture taken, and hugs were shared. The children (who call me “mom,”) were calling Lillian “grandma” before the week was over.
(With Jasmin's mother)

In January, when I started walking to Cajueiro Claro for Living Stones, the children would not even come into the church for the first couple of days. They would peek in the windows, and scamper away any time I tried to catch them. It took a couple of months before they were comfortable with giving me a hug, and a few more weeks after that before they would attempt to return my “good morning” that I said every day.
(With Paulo and Paulo's mother, and a cat)

When Lillian came, the children proudly sang “Open the Eyes of my Heart” in English for her, giving her “good morning” handshakes and hugs. Some of the mothers have been stopping by the program, bringing bananas or potatoes, and taking time to talk with me in the kitchen while I am making lunch. It is a beautiful thing to watch the changes that God is making in this community, as it slowly opens to His light and love.
(With Ivanilson's mother)

A special thank you to Lillian, for her generosity and time; sharing adventures with us! If you are interested in coming to Living Stones, please write me at We need more help: teaching Bible stories, doing art projects, playing games, cooking in the kitchen, or their favorite—playing soccer. Even teaching the children something new—whatever your interests and talents are, they can be used for the kingdom.
(With Paulo's mother)

Celebrating a Wonderful Year!

Over one year ago, Flavio began making the four kilometer walk to Cajueiro Claro, often more than once a day. He invited the children to participate in a program called Living Stones. From those relationships, he began to get to know the community and families of the children. The previous ministry in Cajueiro Claro had fizzled down to nothing, after a lack of leadership, and many difficulties in the community.
Flavio also began a ministry on Friday nights, where he would bring a Kombe (VW bus) full of friends from the Paudalho church and have a church service in Cajueiro. Sundays, being the only day off for most of the families, is used to go to town to buy food and supplies--so Friday evening worked best for everyone's schedule. These meetings began with two families in the community. As you can see from the picture, our one year celebration was to a full church, with almost 30 children from Living Stones, many of their families, and many more from the community.
The children recieved some special gifts, given by some generous teens from the summer short term mission trips last July.
The ladies of the church worked together to cook an amazing dinner for everyone.
And we all look forward to what God will do in the coming year.

quinta-feira, 10 de novembro de 2011

Children's day Celebration: you are special!

A big thanks to all the volunteers! These seven students from the International school came to help, after the school had also donated some of the toys. Also thank you to our many photographers, and over 15 people from the Community Church of Paudalho--we could not have done it without you!
There were not 150 children--there were close to 200! Around 170 children from Paudalho,
and 20 children from Cajueiro Claro (that was all that could fit in the Kombe).
Rachel got all excited.
Flavio and Precilla sang.
Flavio shared a message of love about Jesus.
And we had a time of prayer.
Afterwards--the presents began! The first table was coins and seaweed from Hong Kong (it is always good to try something new), donated from friends in Hong Kong--thank you!
And then they moved on to the Disney table, with pins, cars tattoos, and beauty and the beast door hangers with book marks, donated by Jane at Disneyland--thank you!
Moving on, they recieved a toy/giftbag, some from the United States (thank you Karianne and friends), some from the International school (thank you!), and some from Cajueiro Claro church ladies (thank you!).
A very special VBS group in Texas (thank you Cherrylynn!) put together school journals for the children, with messages like "Jesus love you!" and "You are special" in Portugese for them. They each also recieved pencils and erasers and some other school supplies.
Erasmas snuck off to a corner to check out his presents in peace.
It was a festa completa, as Brazilians call it, with a trampoline,
A ball pit,
a bounce house,
face painting,
games and hula-hoops,
lots of fun,
cotton candy,
And lots of love.
THANK YOU so much everyone!