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segunda-feira, 19 de novembro de 2012

Five Children Fed for $5

Become involved with something real this Thanksgiving.

1. Get inspired: watch Over 12,500 meals served in 2012!

2. Join the Event: (officially on Facebook, but anywhere) Saturday morning, November 24th, for prayer and fasting (fasting optional) for Northeast Brazil and Living Stones

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Community Church Reunion

Living Stones Mussurepe had a wonderful time at the Community Church reunion on November 15, 2012. 25 children joined in the fun at Word of Life camp in Northeast Brazil, spending the day swimming, playing soccer, and eating delicious food. Thank you for your support!

domingo, 4 de novembro de 2012

Two Year Anniversary!

Celebrating two years in Cajueiro Claro! Praise the Lord!

October, November, and December Birthdays

Please help us celebrate these birthdays by giving at For $10, you can provide a present, cake, and party for a child who often does not get to celebrate. We have already celebrated some, but do not have the finances to continue for 22 birthday parties:

5--Lucas (Mussurepe)
9--Valdinez (Mussurepe)
12--Marcone (Paudalho)
15--Danilo (Cajueiro)
18--Gulherme (Paudalho)
20--Henrique (Cajueiro)
22--Gustavo (Cajueiro)
24--Nino (Cajueiro)
30--Paul (Cajueiro)

4--Lucas (Cajueiro)
5--Geu (Cajueiro)
6--Danielle (Mussurepe)
22--Jose Rube (Mussurepe)
26--Larissa (Paudalho)

3--Rosana (Paudalho)
7--Precilla (Paudalho)
7--Vinicius (Paudalho)
13--Junior (Cajueiro)
18--Adriano (Cajueiro)
18--Edivanele (Mussurepe)
23--Roberta (Paudalho)
23--Moseis (Paudalho)

Marcone's First Birthday

Marcone has been a part of Living Stones Paudalho since he was little. He has never been to school, and spends most of his time begging for food or money. He is deaf, and does not know sign language other than gesures he uses to communicate his basic needs. There are six children in his family, their mother long gone and their father a drunk. Their Aunt looked after them as she could growing up, but mostly the oldest sister, Mercia, takes control.

I asked Mercia when everyone's birthday was, but Marcone was never regestered, and so doesn't have a birth certificate. No one knows when his birthday is. All we know is that he is younger than Mercia and older than Taciana. So no one has ever celebrated Marcone's birthday. Mercia and I agreed that this should change, so we picked a day and decided it would be his birthday: Children's day (October 12).
This year, Marcone had his first birthday party, through the $10 for Them program ( He had seen me come and give parties for all of his siblings, so when I put the birthday glasses on his face, he lit up and knew what was coming next. We sang Happy Birthday, and while he couldn't hear, he clapped along with us, shyly looking around. He ran off with his birthday present, too shy to open it in front of us. He let me take one picture, and get one hug. Happy 16th Birthday Marcone! The first of many.
Other Birthdays celebrated through 10 for Them ( in August and September:

Thank you to Dr.Taylor, John Winzeler, and unnamed doners for providing the $10 so that these children could have a birthday party!

Reaching out of Mussurepe

Vovo Bel was praying about a way to reach out to the whole community of Mussurepe (not just Living Stones children), as well as a way to include her family and friends (mostly from the big city of Recife). Her solution was to have an all-day Children's party, ending with a church service.

She signed up the 70 children from Living Stones, as well as 40 other children from the community (who live farther out), including all of their families, and had each one of her friends and relatives "adopt" one or two children, bringing presents for them, and coming in person to play games with them. And all together, listening to the good news of Jesus.

Everyone was so generous that they were even able to make official Living Stones uniforms for the children! From 10am-5pm, on October 28th, games and laughter and lunch were shared. At 2pm, everyone stopped for a time of singing and listening to God's word. Presents and cake were passed out, with a big trampoline to jump on and cotton candy machine running frantically. No one will forget this special time of coming together!