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terça-feira, 23 de setembro de 2014

Foundation Builders

This month we are taking some time to highlight a specific aspect of Living Stones:

One time gifts help us with specific projects, but it is the faithful monthly givers ($30 or more) that allow us to consistently provide over 1,500 meals a month and disciple around 200 children weekly. We are so grateful to these families and individuals for being our Foundation Builders:
The Nolens
The Warrens
The Flinks
The Weilands
The Lindmans
The Barwinskis
The Leonards
Ms. Powers
The Wrights
The Zaletas
The Millers 

Without these people, many of whom have been faithful givers for years, we would not be able to continue. Through them, and generous one time gifts, we have our $1,000 monthly budget. But we are currently working to support six different ministries, each of which, even part-time, need $500 to function properly.

Our monthly $1000 is being stretched to support three programs, and the other three are either on hold from lack of funds (Lagoa de Itaenga), or supported/running through other ministries (Guadalajara, through Glory Sports/Athletes in Action, and the trash dump, through volunteers from Firm Promise Baptist church).

In October we will be setting our yearly budget, and are hoping to be able to provide more for our brothers and sisters in Brazil--but we cannot without more Foundation Builders.

30 people giving $30 monthly can double our monthly budget and provide for us to support our current programs better.  60 people giving can allow us to fully support our current programs. 90 people giving $30 monthly can allow us to grow and begin new Living Stones programs in communities that desperately need it. 

Since the beginning of Living Stones, it has been individuals who have made Living Stones happen. But it has always been our dream that churches in the USA would come alongside churches in Brazil and "adopt" them--forming reciprocal relationships that benefit both communities and create lasting change.

Brandywine Community Church has been the first to do this, adopting Lagoa de Itaenga. Shelbyville Community church is sending a vision team next month to be able to pray for and adopt a sister church as well.

Compassion International and World Vision work wonders in the lives of children. But imagine your church adopting a church, reaching out through the children, and changing the entire community. Imagine sending missions groups to them, and them sending missions groups to you. Imagine the children in your church growing up knowing the children of their church in Brazil--and what an impact those long term relationships will make.

Please consider becoming a Foundation Builder. And please pray about asking your church to partner with a church in Brazil through Living Stones.