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sexta-feira, 22 de abril de 2011

Easter at Living Stones Paudalho

The Living Stones project in Paudalho has been on hold because of construction projects (four new classrooms and two bathrooms--this will triple what we previously had) and redesign, so we have not had contact with many of the children since the end of January, when we had our Christmas party for Jesus.
Since the decision was made to end the connection between Living Stones and PETI (the government program), some of the children have continued to meet under the PETI program. The leaders, Patricia and Cacau, were employed by PETI, and so they were still able to implement the Bible/character program, and be there for the children. But there have been many difficulties and neither Patricia nor Cacau are able to work with the children anymore, and their section of PETI has closed down. It is unknown when it will reopen. All of these factors made it even more important to have a special time with the children for Easter.

For the past three years, Living Stones Paudalho has had an Easter Celebration with fresh grapes, bread, and grape soda in commemoration of the first passover, as well as the meal shared with the disciples. For many of the children, this is the only time they have ever had (or ever get) to eat grapes, as they are a more expensive fruit in Brazil. This year, more than ever, we wanted them to know that they are loved, cared for, and celebrated--by us, and by our heavenly Father.
Cacau was amazing in making sure we had all of the supplies we needed!
A very special thank you to the Feldmans, Dong Hui, and John Winzeler who contributed extra for the children to also receive a goody bag of chocolate to take home

Raissa, Cacau, Rachel, and Gabi (Frank also helped--and did a great job taking pictures for us!)

It had been raining hard all week, but thankfully stopped in time for the children to be able to come. We had everything read by 10am to begin--but no children!
By 10:10, Zilma came.
By 10:40, we had a full house and began. A little late--Brazilian style--but by the time everything started we had about 90 children and mothers. (This is Pastor Celso and Frank)
Pastor Celso told of the first passover: Easter in Portuguese is "Pascoa," which is "Passover," rather than "Easter" when translated literally. The word has its roots in the meaning "Freedom" and "Liberation," and he shared about finding true freedom in Christ.

Rachel, Raissa, and Frank sang songs with the children

And then the fun part--passing out the food
And the goody bags (with the mad rush to find out what was inside them)

This is Frank with one of the families involved in Living Stones (the mother, middle, has eight children, and then the cousins are also involved with the Living Stones program, with their grandmother, on the right). It has been a blessing to see God work and move in this family during the time they have been a part of the program!
Thank you for your prayers and support for this special Easter party!
Happy Easter and God bless!

Cajueiro's Special Day

on April 16, Living Stones Cajueiro Claro had a day of swimming, eating, playing, and enjoying time together at the Alcance (also the International school and Seminary). It was a day the children will never forget--for many of them, the first time they have been able to go to an activity like this.
We played soccer and baskeball

Went swimming
Ate hotdogs and snacks

Played Uno and relaxed
Thank you to everyone who has been giving and praying for the Living Stones program!

A Day at Cajueiro

Frank Penna ( has been with us for April, and has taken some wonderful pictures of our daily activities in Cajueiro:
First we walk about a mile downhill,

And then about a mile uphill.

And arrive at the church, normally greeted by the kids,

Sometimes greeted by mud (with all the rain we have been getting, some days it is impossible--or nearly--to get there)

We sit under the tree and have devotions in the shade
Flavio reads and shares and then we pray and sing.
And then Rachel does a Bible/character lesson

Each week is a new character quality
Then are activities, such as making jewelry (the guys liked it as much as the girls)
And of course, soccer.
Sometimes we visit the families of the children in this small town
This is Edivaldo, infront of his house made of brick, tin, and tarp.
One day Frank brought snacks and we had a little party.

But the children's favorite part is coming to church on Friday nights.
L to R: Victor, Rachel, Lucas, Ivanilson's brother, Flavio, Paulo, and Ivanilson