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segunda-feira, 16 de abril de 2012

Motorcycle Accident

Driving a motorcycle in Brazil can be dangerous, but having the motorcycle has increased Pastor Flavio’s ability to get around and get everything needed for Living Stones, and he is so grateful.  He has never stopped praying for a Kombe (Volkswagon van) that would be able to expand the ministry even further by bringing more volunteers and supplies to the rural areas of Cajueiro Claro and Mussurepe, but is patient for God’s timing.  
On April 14th, Pastor Flavio was in an accident. Not his fault, a car pulled in front of him. He hit the back of the car and went forward, hitting his helmet on the car, and then was propelled backward, where he landed standing up behind the wreck.. That is only possible with a great God. He has one small cut on his finger, and some aches and pains. His motorcycle was not so lucky. Thankfully, the insurance is taking care of fixing the bike.
Giving thanks for Flavio’s safety, it does mean things are going to be difficult for Living Stones until the bike is fixed. Please keep us in your prayers.

quarta-feira, 11 de abril de 2012


Tamires is eleven, and small for her age.

She is ostracized by most of the children her age. She not only often has lice, but is dirt poor and lives in the backwoods (even of Cajueiro Claro). She wears either homemade clothes or ones recievd from donations. She is shy but determined. Her older brother Demas starting coming to Living Stones last year, and she would tag along behind any time he would let her and she didn’t have to stay home taking care of her five younger brothers and sisters.

There is no father in the picture, and her mother scrambles to keep things together. At the end of last year, Demas went to live with relatives that provided him with a job—at 14—helping to support his family. I doubt he will be continuing school, and know his reading level is not above second grade. We have missed Demas at Living Stones, but Tamires still makes the long trek to the church a couple times a week with two or more of her siblings in tow.

Two weeks ago, Tamires’ mother was told that their house was sold (they had been renting) and they were to move out as soon as possible. The mother is 5 months pregnant, and her closest family is about 2 hours away—for a family in the middle of nowhere, that is a very, very long way. Tamires does not know how to read or write above a first grade level. With this move, she will miss the rest of this semester of school. Please pray for Tamires and her family during this hard time, especially for this unborn baby. If you would like to help financially in any way, please e-mail

He is Risen Indeed!

Our Easter party was a blessing to all, including over 20 children from the International school, 26 children from Mussurepe, 25 children from Cajueiro Claro, 13 other helpers, adults, and parents, and one goat.

The adventure began when the van bringing the children stopped to watch a HUGE tarantula cross the road.

From there, the children from the International school hid over 200 “eggs” (painted rocks) and prepared the food.

While the children arrived, we played different games (Thanks Rogerio!) and sang songs.

Easter baskets were passed out, and the hunt was on.

The younger children had a Bible story and then smaller hunt inside the classroom, while the older ones looked everywhere: including digging in the ground, climbing up the trees, and opening up old dried up coconuts. It was intense.

The kids did a wonderful job of sharing, making sure that in the end, most everyone got the same amount of “eggs” to be traded in for various types of chocolate, candy, and fruit.

Back in the church, Flavio shared about the first Passover in Egypt, and the seriousness of sin. So serious that a lamb had to be killed and offered. With that, I brought in the goat (hey, it is close to a lamb) which put up a very good fight and pretended that I killed it along the way.

The realistic example in front of them was powerful (the only problem was then getting the goat out, and the local dog that decided to join it).
 We shared bread, grapes, and grape pop, as Flavio explained the significance, and the love of Jesus so strong that He came and died and rose for us.

The children then traded in their rocks, enjoyed a wonderful snack, and headed home.

Special thanks to Dr. Taylor and the Sempsrotts for giving to make this happen!

terça-feira, 10 de abril de 2012

Cleaning up the Trash Dump

Thank you for your prayers as we continue to see how God leads in serving at the trash dump in Carpina, and this community of people who live and work there.

Working with Massa Humana (a group from the Baptist church), we had a time of games,

 singing (yeah “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes”),

a gospel message,

and of course, lots of hugs and chocolate.

In the next couple weeks, they are hoping to have a place to go at least once a week to serve there, offering reading classes, music lessons, and other various services. Living Stones will be working alongside with character qualities, organization, and training. The next trip we hope to offer classes on how to make soap, a valuable tool for the older children and women of the community.


This Easter I focused on the Jewish holiday of Passover ( , and how it ties in with Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. First with the girl’s Bible study (with the girls from the International school), and then with the children from Cajueiro Claro, we celebrated a (much shortened version of) Passover.

On Good Friday, we also had a baby shower for Sandra, one of the members who became a Christian last year and has grown to become one of the leaders in the church. Sandra decided that she didn’t want a traditional baby shower (which in Brazil includes receiving LOTS of baby gifts), but instead wanted a time of fun celebration for the church family, where everyone brought a kilo of food for Living Stones instead of any presents for her.

 It was a beautiful time of fun baby games (where all the men had to change diapers and such) and love for the kids. It is such a great thing to see others in the church share the love for the Living Stones children.

Getting Ready

The children from Cajueiro Claro helped prepare for our Easter party, including cleaning up the church area and getting our “eggs” for the Easter egg hunt.

Plastic Easter eggs seem to be impossible to find in Brazil, and using hard boiled eggs was not an option in the very rural (including tarantulas, scorpions, snakes, cats, dogs, chickens, goats, donkeys, and above all, ANTS) area.

So…the kids gathered 200 egg-looking rocks and we painted them.

The children from Mussurepe were so excited, filling out paperwork and learning new songs to sing at the Easter program: this was their first “real” activity with Living Stones, involving getting to go somewhere new.

The children from the International school have been working all month, gathering chocolate candy and chocolate Easter eggs to bring to the Easter party. Every day we have been talking about the character qualities of generosity, concern for others, and love. When asked how they can show those qualities, their first answer is normally “Give Teacher Rachel chocolate eggs for Cajueiro Claro.” (yessssssss)

While the younger kids had a special celebration at the school, the 7-9th graders prepared and ran the Easter egg hunt in Cajueiro Claro. They were fantastic in every way—taking charge of their responsibilities and going out of their way to make the Living Stones children feel loved and special. It was amazing to see them step outside of their comfort zones and give. One of the girls remarked “Where are his shoes?” because one of the boys didn’t have any. These children, mostly from upper-middle class background, are opening their eyes to the needs around them and learning a new culture: one that serves.

Floss those Teeth!

Living Stones Cajueiro Claro and Mussurepe are doing great, learning about the character qualities of kindness and generosity, and focusing on having good manners and proper hygiene: all of the students learned how to floss and have toothbrushes.

We had lots of fun practicing good manners (like not talking with your mouth full) while playing games like who can eat the most crackers and then whistle. 
We celebrated the March birthdays of Claudia ($10 for them from Ann),  Leandra ($10 for them from Kristin), Josefa (see other post called “Josefa’s birthday--$10 for them from Joyce), Camila ($10 for them from Lillian),

Morgana ($10 for them from Kristin)
And Tamires (who had the same birthday as Coca-cola).
All together, over a thousand meals were served in the two communities, and 52 different children were ministered to in the month of March.