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terça-feira, 19 de agosto de 2014

Mid-year Report

So far in 2014, over 10,000 meals have been served, and over 200 children have been impacted on a weekly basis.

We had a wonderful year in 2013, with 17,000 meals served, 280 children regularly enrolled in the program, 250 birthday parties, 300 in the literacy program, 600 hearing the gospel, and a vehicle purchased for Living Stones. 

2014 started differently, with Caid and Rachel Ferguson in the USA instead of serving on the field. Pastor Flavio Travassos has continued running Cajueiro Claro ( and Mussurepe (, and opened another Living Stones program in Belem ( Pastor Ricardo has had to limit the program in Lagoa de Itaenga (, due to lack of funds and workers. Those working at the trash dump ( have moved, but the ministry continues with new volunteers from Firm Promise Baptist church. The ministry at Guadalajara ( has changed leadership, but others from Athletes in Action are stepping in and doing a wonderful job. 

The Living Stones programs have done well, with special events such as Carnaval camp (Youtube: “Carnaval and Children in need”) , Easter celebration (Youtube: “Easter Celebration Rachel Ferguson”) Mother’s day celebration (Youtube: “Moments for moms Rachel Ferguson”), and World Cup Evangelism outreaches. 

We are thrilled to see different US churches come alongside and support their brothers and sisters in Brazil. Some of those who have blessed us with support include: Brandywine Community church adopting Lagoa de Itaenga, Lifepoint helping with the Literacy program (  , Brookville Road Community church assisting with the Birthday party program (, Greenwood Community church supporting Caid and Rachel Ferguson, and Shelbyville Community church sending a vision team to Brazil to further support Living Stones. Special thanks to Morning Star Friends church for all they did this summer (, and for everyone who helped us raise over $3,000 for our transportation expenses ( 

A List of Needs

Most of the time giving money is the most convenient and helpful, since mailing supplies to Brazil is a hassle. But as we are getting ready for a mission's trip in October, we are filling up our suitcases with lots of goodies for the kids. Please pray about contributing some of the following needed items:

For the mission's trip:

1. Fifteen durable plastic table clothes (colorful party kind)
2. Individually wrapped candy for 400 kids 
3. Gift/goody bags for the kids to take home candy, prizes, craft, and Bible
4. Carnival style games to play at each Living Stones (6 programs) 
5. Prizes for games (small fun things: Hot wheels style cars, kites, small “build it” kits for boys, Hair supplies, nail polish, drawing supplies for girls—think dollar store items)
6. Craft things to do for 400 kids 

Bring to leave for Living Stones
1. Shin guards and socks for playing soccer
2. Soccer balls and basketballs
3. Pregnancy clothes for Mercia (she is about 5 foot 4)
4. Baby clothes for baby Travassos (don’t know if it is a girl or boy yet)
5. Milky way candy bars for Flavio
6. Games (that don’t require a lot of English: Uno, cards, connect 4, memory, dominos)
7. Zip lock baggies of all sizes, gift bags for presents 
8. Small lotion/perfume bottles: gifts for mothers
9. MP3 players (that plug into speakers) and Speakers (powerful, to have/teach music to a classroom, use in mime ministry) 110/220v
10. “Scripture Pictures” 52 visually interactive Bible stories for kids
11. Hot wheels style cars, kites, small “build it” kits for boys
12. Hair supplies, nail polish, drawing supplies for girls 
13. “Where’s Waldo” or “I Spy” types of books, storybooks with lot of pictures and few words

We can also use donations to buy food for the parties in Brazil, books in Portuguese, and other supplies that are cheaper to get in Brazil.