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quinta-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2013

Personally Involved

It is always a wonderful time when someone gives their time, money, and energy to come to Brazil in person. This year, we have summer trips and opportunities ( to learn more), as well as some different people coming for a semester to teach English at the school ( to learn more). But three people are planning on coming to assist specifically with Living Stones: Cyndi Winzeler (my mother), Koral Potter (my good friend), and Caid Ferguson (my boyfriend). If you would be interested in helping them out with funds, or presents for the children, they are working to bring something special for each child.
Please keep Cyndi Winzeler’s health in your prayers, as this is a step of faith for her to visit 150 of her god-grandchildren. Cyndi and Koral will be coming from April 12-May 7th, and assisting with our Mother’s day programs, doing home visitations and encouraging the families to be strong in the Lord. Caid Ferguson will be coming later in the year, teaching soccer and basketball with Living Stones/Athletes in Action, and sharing his passion for Christ. To help with their trips to be God’s hands in Brazil, please go to and then type their name into the comments area. It will go directly to their needs while they are in Brazil.

Carpina Trash Dump January

(food baskets)
On December 22nd , the church got everyone together to bring a special sit-down holiday dinner for the families at the trash dump. This included sending home a food basket with each family, to make sure they had enough for the holidays.
In January, someone donated some bicycles—the most coveted of gifts for the children in Brazil!
They are almost finished building a home for one of the families!

Mussurepe January

In December, Vovo Bel (Grandma Isabel) had a wonderful Christmas party for all of the Living Stones children. She also invited and had food baskets for each of the families, making sure they had enough for the holidays. In January, they have continued to have church services once a month, and this month Marco’s mother gave her life to Jesus. Vovo Bel is praying for the day when a church building can be built and services can be every Sunday! Pray for leaders to be raised up for this community.

Cajueiro Claro January

(Mercia, with some of the food baskets that were donated)
Pastor Flavio and his new wife Mercia enjoyed a lovely honeymoon and vacation in December. January they have begun again, working together with many new projects including changing up the program at Living Stones. Since the beginning, it has been open four mornings a week. But, with the school system, only half of the children could attend, since many of them went to school in the mornings (Public school in Brazil is 4 hours a day, either morning, afternoon, or evening).
This year, we are trying out having two morning and two afternoons, to be able to expand the influence and opportunity to more children. One day the focus is on literacy and basic math, the other on sports and activities (the first must be attended to receive the privilege of the second). On January 20th, Pastor Flavio had a parent meeting and lunch to explain and begin the new system. Things are going well, and everyone is looking forward to the special Carnaval camp coming up next week. The church put together a snack booth, selling food to raise money for some of the children from Living Stones to go to church camp during Carnaval, one of the few ways to get away from the many drunken parties, that are often dangerous for the younger children.
There was a big disagreement and problem with the soup ministry in December, and the owner of the restaurant was close to ending to program that provided over 12,000 meals to Living Stones families last year. But thank God, everything has been worked out and is running smoother than ever this year!

January Summer Break

January is Brazil’s summer break: when people relax, head to the beach, and wait for Carnaval (Brazil’s big Mardi Gras party) to begin. But at World Renewal, they had an intensive training and outreach time in Santa Cruz do Capibaribe, a town a couple of hours from the headquarters in Carpina. Many people from different community church plants came together to infiltrate this town with the love of Jesus. We are excited to see how things went, and what God has in the future—perhaps even a Living Stones ministry to help begin a church there. More information is at