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segunda-feira, 27 de junho de 2011

June is the beginning of winter break in Brazil. Sao Joao (celebrating Saint John) is a popular holiday on June 24. Please keep the children and their families in your prayers during school breaks as they have even fewer options of governmental assistance during this time, and there is more violence during holidays.

Rachel was able to get her student visa and will be returning to Brazil August 18th. At that time, Paudalho is hoping to reopen their Living Stones project. She is enjoying time with her family, sharing about Living Stones, and collecting donations to bring back for Living Stones.

With short-term missions trips this summer, 16 bags of clothing, toys, books, candy, and art supplies were able to be sent to Brazil for the Living Stones program. Just this week, a kind woman from Disneyland donated small Disney items for all of the 160 children! Good News Ministries donated special candy, and many friends and relatives have given board games, books, and art supplies that will spice up our daily program for the rest of this year. If you are interested in giving, please write to

In Cajueiro Claro, Flavio has been working hard toward the next step for Living Stones: to be able to provide a healthy snack--and then lunch--for the children. A table, refrigerator, and a stove were donated, as well as food for the entire month of June! He has figured out a way to be able to continue this food service for about $400USD a month ($600R). Please go to if you would like to help support this ministry.