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segunda-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2014

What a Year: 2014

Take some time to watch this video and see what God has been doing this year through Living Stones.

Over 12,000 meals served through the Soup ministry in Belem, the Trash Dump, Mussurepe, Cajueiro, Paudalho, Acacias minisry, and Santo Antonio.

Over 4,000 meals were served at the Living Stones programs in Cajueiro Claro and Mussurepe.

Around 35 children are in our full-time program at Cajueiro Claro, 70 more in outreaches in Mussurepe, Lagoa, Belem, and 90 more in partnerships at Guadalajara and the Trash Dump.

Over 300 children heard the gospel through Living Stones in 2014, in living and active ways such as sports programs, music/drama outreaches, church events, birthday parties, and special celebrations.

Thank you for your generous giving of over $15,000 this year (not including December). We cannot continue without you.

Five Perfect Presents

1.      Become a Foundation Builder: It starts with a dollar a day. Support a child, build a church, and change a community.
2.      Buy a present for a child in Brazil by giving $10 for Them: For the cost of a gift card, a birthday or holiday present can be purchased and given to a child who would normally not receive one.
3.      Feed 5 children with $5 for 5: By giving five dollars (a fast food value meal) to Living Stones, you are providing a hot lunch for five children who lack basic nutrition, security, and care.
4.      Know how to Pray by signing up for Living Stones monthly e-newsletters at Sign other people up for our monthly e-newsletters as well.
5.      Become a Representative for Living Stones:  this is a gift to others, since for every person who needs to receive, there is a person who needs to give. By connecting others to what is happening in Brazil and how they can become involved, you are giving them a chance to do something real and lasting. Write to receive your packet of information today: