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domingo, 21 de outubro de 2012

A Life Saved, a New Home

Massa Humana, the group working with Living Stones at the trash dump, is beginning to build a house for Maria Jose. She is 24, and a couple of weeks ago, she almost died. Massa Humana took her to the hospital, and the doctor said an hour later and she would not have made it. They were able to treat her, but said she could not go back to living in her cardboard/trash house. She said she had no other place to go. Massa Humana is providing some money for her to rent a place with another family, while they work  to build her a simple house (smaller than my living room at home).

They will be able to build it for about $3,000USD, with donations and help coming in from the church. I talked to Maria Jose today, her eyes glowing. This is an incredible opportunity. We are still in the beginning stages of helping at the trash dump. Twice a week with soup and Bible story and singing and games in dirt with a half-roof over part of it. We are getting to know the families. The names and birthdays of the children. We are having conversations about life and God and happy and sad. We are beginning to grow.
Where her house used to be.

The trash her house was made out of.

Where her new house will be: the man in orange is standing in the living room, the man in green is in the kitchen, and the man in red is in the first bedroom (behind him is the bathroom and second bedroom.

Literacy Celebration

This Children's day, instead of buying toys for the children in Mussurepe, we decided to invest in their future: 67 children received books. For the past month, the students of the International school have been bringing books to donate, and thinking of ways they can be a part of our literacy program.
On October 18th, thirteen students, grades 7-9, went to Mussurepe for our Literacy Kick-off. They each brought a book to read to the children, and talked with them about their favorite books and why reading is important. We then had snacks, and the students passed out multiple books for every child in Living Stones.
Afterward, one student from the International school remarked, "I just couldn't believe how happy he was when he opened his present and got a made me feel ashamed at how much I have and don't know it." As we drove away, we waved to all of the children and saw one sitting on his porch, reading away. What a beautiful feeling to know that each child now has their very own books!

67 children!

Children's Day at Cajueiro Claro

It is fantastic to see when a church planted through Living Stones begins to take responsibility and provide for the children. Sandra, one of the members, had a toy drive at her work to make sure that every one of the Living Stones children could receive a special present. The rest of the church came together to provide cake, candy, hot dogs, and games. Over 40 children came to church with their families and enjoyed a special children's church as well as celebration.

(This was God calling Samuel while he slept)
(Joseph, with a jacket "of many colors")

Children's day at the Trash dump

The Second Baptist church (through Massa Humana) went all out this Children's day. They gave every family the name and age of a child to buy a present for, so each child would receive something special, and that family could pray for them. Over 100 children came, and popcorn, cotton candy, cake, candy, and hotdogs lasted for everyone.

Dentist at the Dump

Over 50 children received toothbrushes and toothpaste, as well as a fluoride treatment and training on how to brush correctly.

segunda-feira, 1 de outubro de 2012

Books for Children's Day

Children's Day, October 12th, is a very special and much anticipated holiday, right behind Christmas and New Years for most Brazilian children. But some are not so fortunate. Poverty in Brazil means watching while everyone else receives. It means seeing all the toys, comercials, and parties through the TV and down the street, but knowing they will not come to your house.

Help Living Stones celebrate Children's Day this year. Instead of giving toys, which are easily outgrown and broken, we are working with the International School of Carpina to give the children books: for many of them, the first book they have ever owned.

On October 12th, the Baptist church is overseeing a party at the Living Stones trash dump community, complete with trampoline and cotton candy. They have enlisted many people in the church, having them each "adopt" a child to give a special present to.

In the afternoon, Living Stones Cajueiro Claro is having a special children's service, where one of the members has run a toy drive to be able to give each child something special.

On October 18th, the 7th-9th graders from the International School will be going to Mussurepe to oversee a celebration of learning, where books, prizes, and games will be given as we kick off our LITERACY FOR LIVING STONES project.

Please help us invest in these children as we celebrate with them, and give them the valuable skill of literacy. $20 can provide a book and a tutor for our project. We need to raise $200 to help cover Children's day expenses:

Literacy for Living Stones

Literacy for Living Stones is working with the International School of Carpina, Brazil, to provide books and involve the students in a program to read with and tutor the children from Living Stones. Literacy for Living Stones has two steps:
  1. Provide books. Most of the kids do not own books. For Children’s day (October 12), we will be having a celebration of learning, giving the children their very own book and getting them excited about reading.
  2. Provide helpers. Classrooms are overcrowded and the teachers do not have time for the one on one attention needed for reading skills. The older students at the International School, as well as other volunteers, will come to Living Stones to give this individual time to the children who most need it.
One out of three children in rural Northeast Brazil is illiterate or significantly behind their grade level for reading. They come from homes where their parents still sign their name with a thumbprint. Many children end up dropping out of school because they cannot pass their grade without reading. It is time to change this cycle of poverty, and provide these children with basic reading skills.

Help us with our celebration of learning by donating money for a Living Stones Library, and books for these children to have at home. Ongoing resources are also needed for transportation costs of volunteers to read/tutor with the children.