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terça-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2015

Merry Christmas from Living Stones!

In 2015, Living Stones enabled local leaders to LEND to the kids in their communities. We shared love through special events like Carnaval church camp (10 kids received scholarships to go), Easter (the International school joined to bless 7 communities and 180 children), Mother and Father’s day, and Children’s day (a big thing in Brazil). Our full-time programs in Cajueiro Claro and Lagoa de Itaenga were able to regularly provide education and nutrition to 60 children. Both also began computer classes for the kids, expanding their future opportunities. We are so excited for our sister churches (Shelbyville Community church with Cajueiro, and Brandywine Community church with Lagoa) and partners: Lagoa is joining with World Help child sponsorships to reach out to even more children next year.
Living Stones outreaches and prayer partnerships included Mussurepe (teaching English in the local school), the Trash dump community (assisting local youth called Massa Humana), and Guadalajara, which has grown to serving 60-100 kids through sports! As always, we share direction with the children: Jesus Christ, who is the Way. For 2016, Cajueiro will focus on educational classes and Lagoa will double their program. We are looking for sister churches and partners who will help us start our next full-time program! For more information, go to and (the Living Stones Coordinators).

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