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quarta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2016

Cezar's Hunt for Easter

Cezar (the tall one on the middle) is from Belem (Bethlehem, in English). Living Stones doesn't have a church or program in Belem, but any time possible, Pastor Flavio comes and brings the kids to join in at Cajueiro Claro. Cezar has made a decision for Christ, and Living Stones is working hard to grow that relationship.
Cezar and his family are the poorest in their needy community, and his father died tragically when he was young. Each Easter season, children from the International school help host an Easter Egg Hunt, where the Gospel is shared: an opportunity for everyone to hear. Last year was Cezar's first egg hunt ever, and he found so much more than just chocolate!
Help us provide Easter Celebrations for all of the communities that are reaching out to children like Cezar: children who wouldn't get a chance to celebrate Easter otherwise:

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