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quarta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2016

Cezar's Hunt for Easter

Cezar (the tall one on the middle) is from Belem (Bethlehem, in English). Living Stones doesn't have a church or program in Belem, but any time possible, Pastor Flavio comes and brings the kids to join in at Cajueiro Claro. Cezar has made a decision for Christ, and Living Stones is working hard to grow that relationship.
Cezar and his family are the poorest in their needy community, and his father died tragically when he was young. Each Easter season, children from the International school help host an Easter Egg Hunt, where the Gospel is shared: an opportunity for everyone to hear. Last year was Cezar's first egg hunt ever, and he found so much more than just chocolate!
Help us provide Easter Celebrations for all of the communities that are reaching out to children like Cezar: children who wouldn't get a chance to celebrate Easter otherwise:

quinta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2016

Camila Leads the Worship Team

The second week of February is Carnaval in Brazil; filled with music, dancing, and danger for many at-risk children. Camila lives in the small town of Cajueiro Claro, where most locals spend Carnaval drunk or absent. Camila has grown up in the Living Stones program, and now leads the worship team at church. She wants the opportunity to go to church camp and share Jesus through her music.
Camila doesn't have the funds for camp. She is working hard to earn a scholarship by memorizing verses and reading books of the Bible. Church camp is the highlight of her year. It costs $30 to provide Camila and other growing leaders this scholarship opportunity: Join in at Carnaval Camp.

Eduardo Dreams of Playing Soccer

Christmas is a time for dreaming. Eduardo, who lives at the trash dump in Carpina, dreams of playing soccer. Not just at the strip of land next to the burning trash heaps, but on a team, where people get to come cheer and he might even get to wear shoes.
World Renewal Brazil has a dream: a Glory Sports complex where kids like Eduardo can come, play soccer (and other sports), and hear about Jesus. Living Stones is so excited about the doors this will open for the kids (like Eduardo) that they serve! 
A donor has offered $10,000 to put a roof on our soccer field. But this dream is to share: it is a 2 to 1 matching fund. We have $20,000 to raise. If you are interested in joining our dream, find out more at Glory Complex

segunda-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2015

End of the Year Videos

For those of you who want more information about each one of the Living Stones programs and outreaches, here is the place for you:
Year in Review for Cajueiro Claro:
Year in Review for Lagoa de Itaenga:
Year in Review for Guadalajara:

Year in Review for Mussurepe:

Year in Review for the Trash dump community:

terça-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2015

Merry Christmas from Living Stones!

In 2015, Living Stones enabled local leaders to LEND to the kids in their communities. We shared love through special events like Carnaval church camp (10 kids received scholarships to go), Easter (the International school joined to bless 7 communities and 180 children), Mother and Father’s day, and Children’s day (a big thing in Brazil). Our full-time programs in Cajueiro Claro and Lagoa de Itaenga were able to regularly provide education and nutrition to 60 children. Both also began computer classes for the kids, expanding their future opportunities. We are so excited for our sister churches (Shelbyville Community church with Cajueiro, and Brandywine Community church with Lagoa) and partners: Lagoa is joining with World Help child sponsorships to reach out to even more children next year.
Living Stones outreaches and prayer partnerships included Mussurepe (teaching English in the local school), the Trash dump community (assisting local youth called Massa Humana), and Guadalajara, which has grown to serving 60-100 kids through sports! As always, we share direction with the children: Jesus Christ, who is the Way. For 2016, Cajueiro will focus on educational classes and Lagoa will double their program. We are looking for sister churches and partners who will help us start our next full-time program! For more information, go to and (the Living Stones Coordinators).

2015 Yearly Report

Project: Cajueiro Claro. Regular attendance of 30 kids, with around 50 for special events. About 250 meals served a month.
Project: Lagoa de Itaenga. Regular attendance of 30 kids, and 400 snack meals served a month.
Outreach: Guadalajara. Regularly meeting three mornings and afternoons a week, with events on most Saturdays, Lane and Misse run this sports ministry with no financial help from anyone. They have 60 regular kids, with up to 100 for special events.
Outreach: Mussurepe. Vovo Bel has her farm open to reach out to the community, having once a month church, and weekly prayer meetings for the woman. Caid and Rachel taught English at the local school for a semester, and then at the farm for a semester, reaching around 30 kids. Vovo always serves snack meals as well (over 100 a month)
Other: Soup meals distributed at Cajueiro, Mussurepe, Trash dump, Belem, Paudalho, Acacias outreach (Nova Esperanca), Santo Antonio in January: 1,100, and then the soup ministry was closed. The Trash Dump community was served by Massa Humana, with Caid and Rachel helping bi-monthly, serving about 40 kids. The Belem kids (about 20) were brought to special events through the year, like Easter, VBS, and Children’s day.The Acacias Outreach (Nova Esperanca) had special events like Easter and Children’s day in the community, reaching out to around 40 kids.

TOTAL IMPACT in Numbers:

Meals served
Snack meals

Soup meals

Children in the programs
Children heard the gospel at special events
$25,732 (not December)